Our family utilized the numerous services at the Learning Center (L.C.) during our time in Istanbul. The Learning Center was a wonderful outlet for my three children’s varying needs and interests, including educational, social and recreational. One child received math tutoring and another child received math enrichment support. My youngest child was a participant in the first Little Genius class that started 2 years ago. In addition, my children accessed the dance classes, theatre club and summer camps that were offered at the center.
The Learning Center is a one of a kind place in Istanbul, Turkey for the English speaking youth. The services are provided by native English speakers, which benefited my children immensely. The LC was not only an extension of the school by helping to support the educational challenges of one of my children, but the skilled staff also challenged the educational strengths of our other one as well. The LC served as an extension of the community; a place where my children could go, feel at home and comfortably socialize with other children in their native language.
I am grateful for all of the educational and professional guidance coupled with emotional support that we received during our time in Istanbul.
Debbie Sainte-Rose

To open up the Learning Centre Istanbul was the best thing Carol did. It gives the opportunity to so many more children to get the best professional support. Before it was like searching for the needle in the haystack to find specialized help. Carol always believed in my son Philip and that he is able to fight his life back into this world and excel in his academics and he did, with all the support he received at the Learning Center.
Maria Hoffmann

We have been working with Carol almost for 3 years and my daughter has shown a visible improvement in her English skills.
We highly recommend the Learning Center for their professionality as we have nothing but admiration and appreciation for what they achieve.
Sinem Eriş

We were evacuated out of Egypt and were based in Istanbul for 3 weeks, and Carol and her staff from The Learning Center stepped up and were superstars in our children’s lives. Our youngest has learning difficulties and needed some specialised help, which was absolutely no problem for them. As a matter of fact they picked up on some issues that we took with us and had his program changed at school, to great success. I have always said if we have the opportunity to live in Istanbul, The Learning Center will most definitely be part of our lives.
Annette Stevens

Yeniköy’de şirin mi şirin ahşap bir evde çocuklar eğlenerek deneyimli eğitmen Carol eşliginde İngilizcelerini aktif tutuyorlar. Çoğu aktiviteye mırın kırın eden Emre ve Levent buraya her hafta koşarak gidiyor. Teşekkürler Carol :)
Filiz Karacam

“The Learning Centre has been an invaluable resource for my family over the last several years. My children have always looked forward to their time there be it for drama, literacy club, English conversation, and even test prep! TLC has provided a great forum for my kids to further their English language skills in a fun and engaging way. My children were too old for Little Genius by the time it started, but nevertheless I have heard amazing things about it from friends who have their tots in the program. That’s no surprise given Carol and the team’s dedication to excellence across all their services”
Kristina (Daughter 9, Son 6)

Due to medical and psychological reasons, our 9 year old son was unable to attend a mainstream school during our short posting to Istanbul. The Learning Centre provided a full curriculum home schooling based program for Harris for 6 months. Harris loved attending the centre and benefitted from flexible programs and staff who were focused on his specific academic and welfare needs. The Learning Centre’s program was so successful that Harris was able to return to mainstream schooling (following his recovery) without dropping an academic year and is now enjoying a fulfilling mainstream school career despite the major trauma he suffered a few years ago. My husband and I acknowledge the significant positive part the Learning Centre has played in Harris’ education.
Janet McCartney

My son adores Carol’s drama classes… I was very surprised when Emre told me that he wanted to joın Carol’s drama club and continue very willingly as he used to be very shy even to speak English.He enjoys every minute of it such that he began to cancel his most favorite tennis exercises just not to miss drama sessions!!!!
In a very short time Emre became much more confident with himself and with his English speaking enjoying the warm and friendly environment Carol provided for them and always coming back home with huge smile on his face.
I really thank you Carol for introducing such a useful and entertaining activity to us.
Ceyda Ozbek

We were so fortunate to have discovered The Learning Center!
I was lucky to have found people who truly understood my son and made a difference in his life as well as his learning. The positive reinforcement and confidence that he developed was amazing!
It was a very good experience for Lucas!
I would recommend this to anyone.
Stephanie Kansu

As an expat family, Carol Crous and the Learning Center have been invaluable both to my husband and I and to our children. The center has addressed a range of needs over the course of the last 2.5+ years.

During our last year in Istanbul, the center supplemented the learning for my son in Maths and significantly closed the gap in Reading for our daughter. After leaving Turkey, we continued our relationship with Carol and engaged her services when we had to choose a school in Amsterdam. When we decided to leave The Netherlands, Carol was the first person we engaged to help us navigate the complex and competitive education system in London, including research and selection of target schools, the assessment and application process and ultimately the final decision. Based on our decision, Carol also provided a transition plan for my children.

Carol Crous and the Learning Center always take a child-centric approach and tailor the learning and services to the individual needs of each child. Our children still speak fondly of the teachers and their experience at the learning center. I would highly recommend them to anyone in Istanbul and any family moving to Europe or Africa given Carol’s knowledge and experience of the educational landscape in those geographies.
Dr. Melissa K. Hungerford

My nine year old son has been going to drama sessions in The Learning Center for 3 yrs now. I really need to emphasize the difference in Ata since that time, in terms of expressing himself in a crowded /new environment that he enters into. He was usually very shy and does not talk too much, however we had a great improvement on his behavior now that he is definitely attending much more school activities, participating roles in drama classes and doing speeches at school. The difference in his self confidentially is really amazing and I would like to thank Carol for all her help and patience on achieving this.
The children really have a great fun and a chance to improve their vocabulary in different role plays during the drama classes, so I highly recommend it for all parents.
Senay Gorgul

Zelena 2010 yılından beri Learning Center le tanışıyor , Drama , Cooking ve Literacy Clubtan daima zevk aldı.
Yaz Kampları ayrıca çok eğlenceli, keşifli ve zevkli geçiyor .
Her zaman çocukları yaratıcılığa ve farklı şekilde de aynı işin yapılacağına teşvik eden ve öğreten bir merkez.
İyiki var Carol ve ekibi….
Senay Yuce

“My children Lara (aged 7) and Selim (aged 8) attended a week of summer camp last year. When the week was over their comment was ” Can we please come here next year?”. Having been to so many summer camps over their short lives, ELC’s summer camp was the most unforgettable for them. They seemed to have fun whilst doing experiments, art, learning new vocabulary and lots of other activities. After I have met Ms Carol with her abundant energy, care and love, I understood why they felt this way.”
Gamze Alpar (May, 2013)