The Founder

Who founded the Learning Center – Istanbul

Carol Crous – Learning Specialist

I have dedicated my life to easing the journey of children through their educational careers. Bringing over twenty years of experience to my programs, my focus has always been on child as an individual, from those with the most severe learning difficulties, to the exceptional gifted and talented. I believe in the value of students being given individual attention within the context of an approach that embraces a holistic sense of the development of the whole child.

Experience has taught me to identify issues quickly and to approach each situation with compassion and sensitivity, enabling us as a family to both address the issue and promptly formulate a comprehensive and effective program to deal with it. In today’s world, we as educationalists encounter a variety of different types of learners and whether or not they are able to reach their full potential is in great part due to the amount and quality of the interaction and experience they are offered – both in school and in the external environment.

My aim is to meet the needs of children by adopting approaches that are responsive to their own ‘perceptual learning style’, whilst taking account of the multiple intelligences that each individual possesses. I firmly believe in finding the best approach for each child, giving them the tools and empowering them to be lifelong learners, creative and caring individuals who will forge their own futures and find their place in the world.